Better monetization

by reaching and engaging millions of new and unique consumers

Your Audiences

Nielsen Rated, Demographically Rich, Precisely Targetable, Consumers Actively Seeking Brand Engagement.

The PerpetualTV™ Platform

Offers data-driven capabilities to target specific audiences with highly relevant and engaging OTT content and advertising in the physical world across our scaled DOOH network.

Hyper-local to International

Influence hyper-local neighborhood consumer choice at their point-of-purchase during daily errands, reinforce brand value for loyal consumers, or introduce your brand across PerpetualTV™’s broad national network.

Real-time Location-based Audience Data

Consumer insights and measurement capabilities combine on PerpetualTV™ to reach the right audience with the right message at the consumer’s point of decision making and brand spend.



From a targeted few thousand, to a brand-building 50 million, Perpetual TV delivers the right audience at the perfect scale for your mission.



Your message delivered in the most relevant and contextual setting, where your audience shops, decides, and spends their money.



Coast-to-coast across the top DMAs in the US. Reach a town, a city, a region or the nation. Soon to reach to Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America.



Brilliant displays, exciting venues, prominent placement, all premium video, touch screen interaction, all deeply engage audiences with your brand messages.



PerpetualTV’s patent-pending technology creates true OTT personalization and targeting of message to consumer in our DOOH environments.



Attribution visibility through touch screen and mobile engagement technologies.

PerpetualTV™ was founded on a vision of creating the first of its kind, best in class, full stack advertising technology platform. We harness high-demand programmatic ad buying and deliver it to underserved and rapidly accelerating OTT audiences via DOOH channels in consumer environments previously unavailable to advertising budgets.

Simply put, PerpetualTV™ delivers ads to audiences. We call it “A2A,” and it is our DNA.

20,000 Convenience Retail Locations Coast-to-Coast


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