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America’s new media platform to reach your audience where they work, shop, eat, play and spend.


Unique Views per Month. Your Audience, at Scale.

Premium Video, Programmatically Delivered to Exclusive Audiences at Scale.

PerpetualTV™is America’s new media platform that offers powerful possibilities by delivering relevant and contextual content to consumers where they work, eat, shop, play, and spend. PerpetualTV™ delivers all premium video to scaled audiences, one person at a time, at the right time, and in the right place, to grow sales, build brands and magnify revenue.


Exclusive Audiences. Massive Scale. Programmatic Efficiency.

Targeted brand engagement at scale, in new, exciting, out-of-home environments, with the ease and precision of programmatic buying.


Casino Resort & Gaming

Your exclusive gateway to reach the massive casino patron and gaming audience, inside world-class casino resorts and gaming locations. One-to-one, precision targeted, on-game advertising, never before available, reaches a deeply engaged and loyal consumer audience on thousands of games played 24 hours a day.


Convenience Retail

Reach millions of today’s consumers in thousands of hyper-local convenience retail locations. Deliver engaging messages at the time of interaction and point of purchase for your brands, products and services.


Fitness & Wellness

Touch the active, on-the-go consumer with relevant and stimulating content and advertising in the contextual settings of popular fitness clubs, and a variety of other health and wellness environments.



All Premium Video Content


Intelligent, Precise OTT Audience Targeting


Directly Sourced - 100% Fraud-free Inventory


Premium Programmatic. Relevant Placement.


Valuable & Effective use of your CTV/OTT ad spend


World’s Largest DOOH Distribution in Casino Gaming


PerpetualTV™ is the industry-leading media technology company distributing OTT content in DOOH environments. We link the world’s largest content and advertising demand sources to an exclusive, national and global scaled, premium video publishing network, all on our cloud-based programmatic platform that makes buying, publishing or distribution a snap.


Curated Content Partners

Curated streaming content; news, sports, entertainment, travel, lifestyle and more, distributed to an audience of millions. Offering location sponsors, channel partners, or exclusive content space ownership.


Advertising Partners

All premium video inventory distributed across our exclusive O & O network, 100% play and guaranteed fraud-free. Our exclusive Hercules technology platform offers programmatic efficiency and data-driven intelligence for maximum results.


Publishing Partners

Exclusive publishing partnerships monetize current connected digital assets in existing locations. Direct in-venue sales lift occurs with point-of-purchase advertising. With our cloud-based software and state-of-the-art platform, Perpetual TV can set up today, and see results tomorrow.


70% of consumers trust DOOH more than on-line ads.

Premium Video. Intelligent. Programmatic. Fraud-free.

Intelligently targeted at scale for your brand.

Perpetual TV is state-of-the-art media technology platform with distribution across a national and global-scaled exclusive network of connected DOOH displays. We created and control the entire technology stack, from demand to display, and we exclusively control our massive inventory supply reaching 100,000 screens world-wide.

Audiences Reached Intelligently

Innovative Audience Opportunities. Data-driven Intelligence. Programmatic Precision.

Real audiences. Real humans in front of real screens, each one verifiable. Contextual audiences. Engaged when and where they decide to spend. Active audiences. Out of the house, on-the-go, seeking products, services, entertainment and more. Valuable audiences. Demographics that drive brands. New audiences. Exclusive reach into the massive $69B casino resort and gaming audience. Precision targeted and addressable audiences. Data-driven intelligence through our Orion CDP and Hercules SSP programmatic buying platform.


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