World-class Partnerships

mean better content, more effective advertising, more profitable publishing


Curated Content and Advertising

PerpetualTV™ has built the leading edge of programmatic DOOH, creating the first platform for data-driven OTT content in the casino/gaming, convenience retail and fitness and wellness spaces.

PerpeutalTV™ has proprietary integrations in place with the top programmatic partners for curated content and intelligent advertising.

PerpetualTV’s sophisticated platform and scaled hybrid OTT/DOOH distribution have attracted the largest Content, SSP and DSP partners in the world, and actually stimulated them to increase their positions in premium OTT video and DOOH channels to serve PerpetualTV’s exclusive inventory and massive audiences.

Publishing PARTNERS

10B Monthly Impressions. Fraud-free. 5 Continents.

PerpetualTV™ is proud to partner with the best and the brightest publishers in casinos and gaming, convenience retail and fitness and wellness, across the US and in Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America.

PerpeutalTV™ has created a truly scaled, company controlled and operated, publishing network offering 10 billion monthly impressions on 100,000 displays reaching a 50 million strong unique viewer audience each month.

Exclusive publishing partners monetize existing connected digital assets immediately. Direct in-venue sales lift occurs with point-of-purchase advertising. PerpetualTV’s cloud-based platform speeds integration to digital publishing assets, and to the positive results that follow.

PerpetualTV’s publishing platform includes the world’s largest exclusive network of casino gaming venues. These exciting environments offer high traffic, increased dwell times, and loyal patrons with a propensity to spend on their favorite brands.

PerpetualTV™ is the only publishing network to offer one-to-one, data-driven advertising, at scale, to the casino and gaming patrons.

Better content, more effective advertising, more profitable publishing


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